Apr 1, 2006

Magnum P.I.

Magnum P.I. – The complete Fourth season.
MCA Home video
Release date: April 4th, 2006

Season 4 of Magnum P.I. saw the series win it’s first Emmy as Tom Seleck picked up the trophy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Overall the season is a strong one that starts out with a truly great episode that is one of the best of the series.
Home at Sea. After a boating accident, Thomas is left treading water in the ocean. As the hours go on, an increasingly fatigued Thomas relies on memories of his childhood to give him strength while waiting for rescue. A very emotional episode with an ending could bring even the strongest man to tears. Home At Sea by itself is worth the price of the season 4 set.
This season also sees the debut of Eugene Roche as Louis Dobbs, an old school P.I. from St. Louis. Roche appeared in five episodes throughout the series and two of them are featured here.

All in all, season 4 was as strong as any in the series. The writers and cast had clearly developed a good sense of the characters and had some great chemistry. I write this with a smile, having just relived some wonderful times with Magnum and co.

Jeremy Lynch


Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

Magnum rocks. I love everything about the show, especially the opening music.

How many novelizations were there? I think at least two.

Anonymous said...

I was a teen when Magnum was on, if there was any tv hero to idolize, it was Magnum. Lives on an estate, is a P.I and has a cool car.