Oct 1, 2006

Showtime’s Dexter is disturbing, somewhat creepy and very entertaining.

A while back, in my Eye on Hollywood column (featured in each issue of the fantastic Crime Spree magazine) that Showtime was bringing Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter character to the small screen. I mentioned that this was going to be a difficult task as the many of the things that made the novels so alluring would also turn off many potential viewers. A main character that is an unfeeling serial killer (albeit of other killers) is not something that many folks will connect with.

Early in his life, Dexter survived a traumatic event, one he can not remember. His foster father, Harry, a former policeman, learns that his son lacks the emotions most of us have, and that he is filled an urge to kill that he can’t ignore. Harry channels Dexter's homicidal urges into good, teaching him to kill only those who deserve it. He also helps Dexter to blend with other folk, teaching him how to emulate the human emotions he doesn't actually feel so that he doesn't draw attention to his extracurricular activities.

After watching the first episode, I have to say that they have stayed true to the overall feel of the books. Watching it, my feelings ranged to disgust to glee. This show left me wanting to take a shower, yet unable to wait until the next episode
The creative forces behind this series have worked on such Cable hits as Six Feet Under, Oz and The Sapranos. They take full advantage of the creative freedom that cable offers and deliver a show that stands alone in its content. Something like this would never make it on network TV. Actually, something like this would never even make it to network TV.

Michael C. Hall, of Six Feet Under does a wonderful job of capturing Dexter. After watching one episode, his character from 6FU is but a faint memory. Hall does a fantastic job of bringing this odd character to life. He plays the role with a certain spark that will help some viewers get past the horrific aspects of Dexter.
This show certainly is not for everyone, but fans of the books should be thrilled with Dexter. Dexter airs on Showtime on Sunday nights at 10pm et/pt.

Jeremy Lynch

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Elijah said...

Probably one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! Michael C. Hall is brilliant. The cast is a perfect fit for this show. try to Download dexter episodes