Dec 31, 2006

The Dresden Files - JIM BUTCHER

Maggie Griffin told me to read Jim Butcher. When Maggie tells me to do something I usually do it.
I proceeded to get all the books, the first six are paperback originals, the latest two are hardcover.
It took a while but I started reading them.

And I love them.

Dresden is a PI in Chicago. He works with the special crimes unit. He's also a Wizard, a bit of a mavarick wizard usually on the outs with the wizard council. These books have all the classic elemants of great PI books, and the supernatural elements really makes them fun. They are being turned into Television fare by the SCiFI channel.

I strongly urge you to try them out.
Jim Butcher's Website


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you've read these. I discovered him by accident a couple years ago, and he has become my favorite author.

He also has a great fantasy series, "The Codex Alera", which just had the third book released in December ("Furies of Calderon", "Academ's Fury", "Cursor's Fury")

Anonymous said...


It is very rarely that I can get one over you, but this time I have!!! Where have you been? Harry Dresden is to die for. They are not that easy to get hold of here in London. I have had to resort to persuading a friend to buy them for me (sadly via Amazon). My only complaint is that I don't have the Sci-Fi Channel so I won't be able to see the series unless it comes out on DVD.


Maria Y. Lima said...

Sweet! Another convert. I'm sure Jim will be pleased. :)

He's a great guy - you should interview him for CrimeSpree. (Tell him I sent you).

Dresden Files TV show premieres at the end of this month on SciFi Channel.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing the commercials for the tv show, but didn't realize that it was based on a book series. Thanks for the heads up.

Unknown said...

There's a show on SciFi channel about the Dresden Files!? I should stop getting so involved in Cialis and start reading the TV guide, I want to watch that.