May 20, 2009

Potter's Field from BOOM! Studios

Here's what the publisher has to say:

Legendary comic writer Mark Waid teams up with the critically-acclaimed artist of BOOM!'s own hit, TALENT!, Paul Azaceta. Outside New York City is Potter's Field, where the unnamed dead are buried. Now, a mysterious man has taken it upon himself to name the unnamed in this cemetery! Using a network of underground operatives who don't know each other, he fights to save the unsaved and solve the mysteries of the unjustly slain!

What I've got to say is that I love this book. Mark Waid must surely love the same crime fiction I do, either that or we share a birth sign or something. This is the kind of story I love.

A man who is referred to only as John Doe has taken it upon himself to discover who is buried in the unmarked graves in New York's Potter's Field. He also then avenges their deaths. Part of doing this includes our mystery man having a network of people who he calls upon for help, a device used by The Shadow and other great heroes. But because of the skills that Waid has our man isn't necessarily a hero, but maybe a man driven by his own past to atone for something. he's at once complex and yet easy to understand. A true conundrum of a character. His skills at solving these mysteries is classic PI style detective work and his solutions resemble that of some of my favorite complex character from crime fiction.

The artwork is wonderfully moody and gitty and perfect for this. Paul Azaceta is really going to be a name people recognize more and more.

I hope to see a lot more of this series. This hardcover collects Potter's Field #1-3 and Potters Field: Stone Cold and it's published by BOOM! STUDIOS

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Gordon Harries said...

I liked what I read of this at the time and I’m sure that I come from a slightly different place with this from you.

By the way? Am I supposed to be expecting a copy of the latest magazine? Because it hasn’t dropped through my mail box.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

They shipped last wekk wed.
Takes a little longer to get to England

Gordon Harries said...

England sucks. :)