Jun 10, 2006

Captain's Log: Stardate 061006 1:35 PM

We had wonderful evening, good friends, good food, I thought good weather, though the chicks be gettin' chilly. A nice evening all around and well worth the 1 hour drive.

We said our goodbyes, did the hugging and "when will we see you?"s

Got into the green machine and headed north back to Milwaukee.

It was a perfect night for driving. Cool weather, overcast but crystal clear.
The Killers blasting through the I-Pod through the car stereo almost full tilt.
Ruth was feeling good. I was feeling good. We were singing and laughing.

And then some asshole behind me starts flasing his brights at me. When I didn't take the hint, which I normally don't because I don't like rude drivers, he stepped it up a notch.
Cherries rolling and sirens trying to drown out the Killers.


I pull over. I pull out the Driver's licsence. I smile all pretty like.

The state trooper introduces himself and then says " You blew by me pretty fast back there"
So I say... " Sorry. We had the tunes cranked and I had a few too many Red Bulls.
"I'm going to run a check on you ID , please wait here"

Minutes drag. Ruth looks to the right and notices off the freeway tavern caalld the Dead End Saloon. oooooooo, That can't be good. We joke about the insurance going up. But I'm feeling pretty mellow. (Red Bull)

Officer comes back. I'm giving you a warning sir. Try to watch your speed.

Thank you Officer I say...

And I drive off thinking
"Thank You Red Bull......." and reach for the volume control.

Life is good. And the officer was a pretty damn nice guy.

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