Jun 17, 2006

DVD Review - Mr. and Mrs Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Unrated Collector’s Edition)
Fox Home Video

This movie will likely be remembered as the one that brought together Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. After the filming of this, Brad and Jennifer Aniston divorced. The truth is that Mr. & Mrs. Smith is very entertaining. The charisma of Brad and Angelina individually, as well as their chemistry together, is what makes this film really work.

John and Jane are a married couple that has settled into a…comfortable (Some might say comatose) marriage. It turns out that each of them is using the other as a cover for their real identity as an assassin. When each is hired to take out the other, things start to get interesting. Not only do the bullets fly, the sparks as well. Each remembers what it was about the other that drew them together,

The film is a fun one, with inspired performances by the leads as well as Vince Vaughn. I am not a big fan of Mr. Vaughn, but his performance here is a hoot. The action scenes are entertaining as are the quips that Brad and Angelina trade between punches and bullets.

Among the special features is an alternate ending that I think is MUCH BETTER than the one they chose. We also get to read the pages of the scripted ending which is also better than the ending, The film’s actual ending is a little too cute and doesn’t quite work as far as logic goes as it does not address the fallout of their actions. Still, even that does not prevent this film from shining.
Also included in the bonus features are scene breakdowns that show the process from storyboard to filming. Some very interesting stuff, even if you are not a total film nerd.

All in all, this is a fun edition of a very fun film. You really can’t go wrong picking this one up.

Jeremy Lynch

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