Jun 17, 2006

DVD Review - I Wake Up Screaming

I Wake Up Screaming(1941)
Fox Film Noir

I Wake Up Screaming starring Betty Grable of pin-up fame, Victor Mature and Carol Landis,directed by H. Bruce Humberstone. is visually stunning for a black and white movie. The lighting and composition of this very early if not first Film Noir is the best I've ever seen. Granted it seems a bit cliched now but remember, they were minting the cliches here.Throw in a good story and decent or better acting and you have a winning flick in this oft overlooked work.

Sports promoter Frankie Christofer picks up a waitress in a diner and decides to make her a star- until somebody murders her. Coppers think he did it and so does everyone else except her sister, who's in love with him and willing to help him clear himself.

So who dun it? A green-eyed sister? Frankie? The newspaperman? The washed up actor? or the lead investigator for the police?(Whaaa...?) Nicely twisted ending.

Listen to the commentary by Film Noir historian Eddie Muller, a pretty entertaining guy in his own right.

If you are a fan of Noir, you owe it to yourself to pick this up.

Lee Crawford

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