Jun 4, 2006

DVD REVIEW - NUMB3RS - First Season

Numb3rs: Complete first season
Paramount home Entertainment

Rob Morrow stars in this slightly unusual crime drama. Morrow plays Don Epps, an FBI agent that draws on the mathematical skills of his genius brother Charlie (David Krumholtz) to help solve cases. That description fails to do the show justice. It is that type of description that caused me to miss the first couple of seasons on TV.

There is a lot more too the show than just the crimes, Judd Hirsh plays the father of the main characters. I honestly had forgotten how talented Mr. Hirsh is. The sense of family really comes across, I have no trouble believing they related.
<>While the use of math in this show can certainly be called a gimmick, it is exceedingly well done. If math had been presented to me this way, I might have actually taken a course or two in college. In the first season, I could not find a single case in which the use of it seemed to be a stretch.
Numb3rs gives us a very fresh approach to a familiar genre of television.

Jeremy Lynch

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