Jun 15, 2006

Homicide: Life on The Street

Monday night I finished off a bit of work of a Crimespree nature and as such I find myself with a few nights to kick back and not read or think about crime fiction or mysteries. Ironically this coincided with the arrival of two DVD sets, Homicide Seasons Three and Four. These are the only ones I have on disc so far, but they are two of my favorite seasons.

Season three took two sittings and I'm two episodes into season four. I am such a fan of this show. The acting is top notch, the writing incredible, and I love seeing it even more now that I've been to Charm City, Baltimore.

What strikes me most is how this show is utterly re-watchable. I've seen every episode, at least once. Yet I'm wrapped up in the whole thing all over again. This truly is some of the best network television ever made.

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Anonymous said...

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