Aug 2, 2006

DVD Review: The Matador

The matador
Weinstein company/Genius Products.

Two men meet in Mexico City: Danny is a businessman looking to change his fortunes; Julian Noble is a hit man in town to…reduce our population by one. A chance encounter in the hotel bar leads to an unlikely friendship.

6 months later, Julian turns up on Danny’s doorstep. Life has turned around for the two men. While Danny’s life is on the rebound, Julian has undergone a sort of mid-life meltdown. On the run, with his life in danger, Julian finds himself turning to the only person he really considers his friend: Danny.

The cast makes this movie. While both Hope Davis (Danny’s wife) and Kinnear are good, it is Brosnan that truly shines. He displays charm and charisma not seen since Remington Steele. After watching The Matador, I found myself wondering how the producers of James Bond could have squandered the talents of Mr. Brosnan?

The Matador is a fantastic film that is not merely to be watched, but to be savored. This is a film I can see myself watching again and again.

Jeremy Lynch

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Anonymous said...

Just bought it and loved it. Brosnan was great.