Aug 29, 2006

DVD Review: The Sentinel.

Fox Home Entertainment

Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland in a shoot-em-up political thriller! Pass the popcorn and get out of my La-Z-Boy.

The Sentinel explores the unthinkable, a traitor in the Secret Service, and one out to kill the President. When Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas) flunks the polygraph test, I can't tell you why, it points all the fingers at him.

Keifer Sutherlands' David Breckinridge character heads the investigation with Eva Longoria along to hold down the testosterone. He and Pete were best friends until Pete slept with his wife, which can put a strain on a relationship. They come to get Pete, who doesn't go quietly and is on the run to nail the real bad guy of course. This is my favorite part and for the most part is smartly written with elements I haven't seen before. High marks.

For killing a Sunday evening; you could do worse.

In the Special Features,Director Clark Johnson, allows that character actor Raynor Schiene (pronounced rain or shine) aside form being a really good performer, has one of the great names of all time. Damn straight. We only see the snitch Walter three times in the film (and one of those he's dead) but he's such a greasy little snotball and played absolutely to the hilt, puts me in mind of Harry Dean Stanton in his prime. Good stuff.

Also, it gets pretty funny as the director points out all his relatives in the movie. There's a herd of them from his mother (the convenience store clerk ) on down to second cousins. I love a running gag.

Lee Crawford

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