Aug 10, 2006


I never watched this show when it was on network primetime. I didn't see any reruns. I never really had any interest in it. Lawyers in a Tom Clancy setting, that's what I thought. Jeremy asked if I would review the DVD set of season 1, I said sure, why not. I figured I could watch 2 or 3 episodes and bang something up.

Well, In two nights I watched all 21 episodes. I really got caught up in it. David James Elliot is very charismatic as "Harm" Rabb. Son of a Navy pilot now serving in the Judge Advocate offices of the Navy, he is a former pilot himself. He is teamed up with a woman JAG officer and they go from episode to episode solving mysteries.

Some of the plots are a little predictable, others are edgy and try something a bit fresh. While the stories them selves are good, they aren't great. What really makes this show work is the way it's filmed. It's like watching a movie. I found my self unable to stop, watching episode after episode.

After the pilot they brought in a different actress to partner up with Elliot, one a little younger, a little hotter looking. But other than that change the show held the promises made with the pilot episode.

This is similar to reviewing a book that I might not have picked up on my own. I ended up enjoying it. It's not Homicide or The Shield, but it good entertaining television. I may actually seek out more.

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