Aug 29, 2006

DVD Review: Romancing The Stone special edition.

Fox Home Entertainment

KathleenTurner plays Joan Wilder, a romance novelist with no love life of her own. Her mundane life is disrupted when she is called upon to deliver a package to Columbia. Her sister is being held hostage and her life depends on the package. But, it turns out that others are also after the package. After he foils an attempt on her life, Joan looks to Jack(Douglas) to assist her. He agrees, for a sum of money, to deliver her safely to….the nearest telephone. While this is no easy feet, as they are in the jungle, clearly Jack is not the hero of her dreams, or her novels for that matter.

This movie holds up wel lafter 20 years. Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas had chemistry, which is agood thing because it prevents Danny De Vito from completely stealing the movie. If there is one problem with this picture, it is the soundtrack. Filled with keyboards, it places the film firmly in the 80s, the bad part of the 80s. The closing music might very well be Kenny G. I think it was, the pain in my head was just like when I have heard him in the past. Having said that, if you are looking for a fun, well made action/romance/comedy, you would be hard pressed to find one better.

The special features are enjoyable. The deleted scenes are all variations of ones in the movie. Looking at them gives you an idea of how the movie might have been. We are also treated to the recollections of the cast. Some have aged well, some not so much.

Jeremy Lynch

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