Aug 25, 2006

Max Allan Collins and Barbara Collins signing

All Collins and his lovely wife Barbara were in Milwaukee last night singing thier latest collaboration, ANTIQUES ROADKILL. Al also signed his latest from Hardcase Crime, along with aything else people brought in. For me this meant getting some older Ms. Tree Comics signed and some older issues of Batman signed.

It was a fun signing, as Al always has things in the works. He's wroking on a set of books that are set in the comics world and will feature some art by Terry Beatty who collaborated with Al on Ms.Tree. He's also turned in the second book with Barabara in their Antiques series. Al will also have som estand alone historical mysteries with Harpe Collins starting next year, written under a pen name. I forgot what the name is, but it's not supposed to be a secret so it will be easy enough to find them. Often when this happnes it's done to fool the computers at the chain stores and has some thing to do with them increaseing their orders..... Ahhhh the publishing business is fun!

I also heard that Hard Case Crime has bought Mickey Spillane's last two books. VERY COOL!

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