Aug 10, 2006

DVD Review - The Mr. Moto Collection Vol. 1

Classic Peter Lorre playing a wonderful detective based on the books of JP Marquand. This was a real joy to watch. I have vague recollections of these movies from the days before cable television when the local independant station would run them on Saturday afternoons. I enjoyed them then, I love them now. Lorre is a joy to watch. It was the popularuty of these films that got him his role in The Maltese Falcon.

The Movies in this set, Think Fast Mr. Moto, Thank You Mr. Moto, Mr. Moto Takes A Chance and Mysterious Mr. Moto are all wonderful. While the character of Moto is a bit different than in the novels, namely he is a bit less vilainous, they are true to the feel of the books. Part espionage, part slueth, these films should be a must have for any mystery fan. Filmed in the late 1930's they have the wonderful feel of the time.

The special features are also quite nice, in particular I liked The Mysterious Mr. Lorre, and there are three other featurettes as well. Set two will feature the other four films in which Lorre played Moto.

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