Jul 20, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Holy Shit.
That was my first thought upon seeing the first hour. I never caught it on TV, but heard the buzz. I knew it would be worth checking out when Keith Snyder admitting to being hooked.
Well let me tell you, Holy Shit!

The new Battlestar Galactica is amazing. Gritty, dark, real, tragic, heroic, and constantly surprising. This is not your mom and dad's sci-fi show. It doesn't take placeon a pristine ship called enterprise with quirky aliens. The humans created something called Cylons, the Cylons went rogue and now they are back after 40 years to kick humanity in the ass.

The show is much more about people coping with crisis and each other than it is about robots and spaceships (though there are plenty). It's so absorbing w wathced the entire first set in one sitting. Stupid me, I only got the first set so we had to wait three days to see the second set.

Fanboys complaining about it not being true to the original need to grow up. This is amazing television, the old one is amusing camp at best.

I'm on board for every episode.


Russel said...

It only gets better, Jon. I wasn't actually blown away by the miniseries (is that what you're watching first, or is it the series proper?) but I was intrigued enough to watch the first proper series and I'm so glad I did...

The show builds on itself brilliantly, layering everything and rarely (if ever) treats its audience like dumbasses. Its the first sf show in ages to not only truly hook me but to actually surprise me too (the endings of both seasons punched me in the gut)

Damn you're in for a fun ride.

Anonymous said...

Count me in as another fan. Can't wait until the new episodes start up.

Anonymous said...

Told you.