Jul 3, 2006

DVD Review: Fangoria's Blooddrive Collection

From Koch Entertainment

Fangoria is THE magazine for horror fans, proving again and again that they know more about the horror film genre than anyone. Well taking their love a step further thay have started a short film contest, and this set contains 15 of the winning entries.
Volume one is hosted by Rob Zombie and also features a wonderful interview with Clive Barker. There is also a featurette with special effects wizard Stan Winston.
The standout film for me was THE HITCH by Drew Rist.
The seven short films are trully great hooror and this is a set not for the faint of heart!

Volume Two is hosted by Mistress Julia, featuring eight short films and an interview with Bruce Campbell on his ranch. I especially loved WE ALL FALL DOWN and DISPOSER.

Fans of horror know to trust Fangoria Magazine, so I can tell you that you should trust them to put together a great set of short films in this set.


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