Jul 16, 2006

DVD Review - The Adventues of Brisco Coutny Jr

Well, it's finally on DVD. On sale Tuesday the 18th. The full series is all here on one set with loads of extra features.

I love this show. Westerns on TV have always been a staple, and WILD WILD WEST is one of my favorites. So lets do a little something here..

Name-Brisco County Jr, Name- James West
Brisco County is a cooler name
Brisco works for rich older white guys, West works for a politician.
Cooler booses - Brisco
James West has a train, Brisco has Comet the Wonder horse.
Cooler ride - Brisco
Side Kicks, West has Artie, the master of disguises, Brisco has Lord Bowler.
Lord Bowler could kick arties ass with his eyes closed, and wouldn't be fooled by the disguises either!

I think it's obvious that while WIld Wild West is a great show, The Adventures Brisco County Jr is worlds better.

For my money Bruce Campbell is one of the most entertaining people working today. He doesn't overstate his postition in Hollywood, he's a working actor who loves what he does. And the role in this show was perfect for him. A harvard educated lawyer working as a bounty hunter, girls love him, men wnt to be him. He's a man of hi word, and a man you can trust. And you can trust Bruce Campbell to play it perfectly. Filled with wonderful writing, humor, and characters that are great to watch interact with each other.

I also love the whole sci-fi element with "The Orb". A strange device that allows time travle and grants extrordinary powers. John Astin as Professer Wickwire inventing things like a rocket ship is just so much fun. Brisco has an eye open to the future, with the next century right around the corner, Brisco is ready to embrace it.

This show also has the best bad guys! Billy Drago as John Bly is amazing! John Bly's gang all killed Brisco County senior, and through out the show Brisco is tracking them down. I really loved the episode called "Pirates!" with Andrew Divoff as a pirate in the west trying to steal enough to build a new boat and get back to the seas.

Brisco County is a show everyone can enjoy. Full of action, wonderful dialogue and a real sense of humor. Totally re-watchable.

The spcecial features included is the icing on this perfect cake of television delights. Commentaries featuring Bruce Campbell, Brisco's book of coming things, A documentary The History of Brisco COunty Jr, Tools Of the Trade, A reading from the book of Bruce, a highly entertaining round table discussion with the writing staff and a great booklet.

I think this is a must have collection and a wonderful edition to any DVD collection.

There's also an option to buy it together with Jack Of all Trades, another great Bruce Campbell Show.


anne frasier said...

i loved that show, and i'm a huge bruce campbell fan. he was in minneapolis last year for the screening of man with the screaming brain. oh, that was funny. and he's just so down-to-earth. i think that comes across in all of his characters.

Jim Barker said...

Did you ever see "Legend" a very short lived show with they guy who used to play McGuyver and ended up on SG-1. It was a very similarly-themed show (steampunk in the Olde west) but only lasted six episodes.