Jul 4, 2006

Is Lewis Black the funniest man alive right now?

For my money, contemporary comedians just don't come any funnier than Lewis Black. He has an ass kicking new special running on HBO, and he's on tour. I got a chance to see hime tonight, twice. He perfomed at Summerfest in Milwaukee. Sumerfest is billed as the world's largest music festival. Ten days and 30+ stages. We saw Elvis Costello last thursday. Tonight it was time for Mr. Black.

His humor is political and topical. His observations are brilliant and his delivery and timing amazing.
Buy a DVD , get a cd, or watch him somewhere on cable. This guy is the real deal!

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Anonymous said...

In answer to your title: most probably, yes. His fits of barely concealed rage at the stupidity of the world have me in stitches.

And there's always this from the Onion AV interview:

Anybody who likes writing a book is an idiot. Because it's impossible, it's like having a homework assignment every stinking day until it's done. And by the time you get it in, it's done and you're sitting there reading it, and you realize the 12,000 things you didn't do. I mean, writing isn't fun. It's never been fun. It's momentum, and once you get the momentum going, that's great, but it's a brutal experience in many, many ways. And when you're done, people tell you "Well, gee, I'm not interested." "Great, I'm glad I sat down and wrote this!"