Jul 29, 2006

DVD review: Pinky and the Brain season one.

Pinky and the Brain season one.
Warner Home Video

Yes, this is cartoon about lab mice, but they are scheming to take over the world. What could be better suited for us? If the Brain were human, he would be the perfect Bond villain. Well, you would have to dress him in some stylish duds, but other than being naked, he has everything one could ever want from a fiendish villain.

The Brain, along with his insane sidekick Pinky, spends each night trying to take over the world. While they invariably fail each time, they succeed in providing wonderful entertainment for all that watch.

Pinky and the Brain is an exceptional series that while being great fun for kids, is also smart enough that adults can enjoy it as well. Really a great series that you can’t go wrong with.

Jeremy Lynch

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