Jul 3, 2006

DVD Review: The Dick Francis Mysteries

From Koch Entertainment

Ian McShane stars in this british made series baedon Dick Francis' books. This set includes McShane as jockey club investigator David Cleveland in IN THE FRAME, BLOOD SPORT, and TWICE SHY.

McShane is wonderful in this role as an investigtor who knows how to handle himself. The stories are intelligent and written for people who don't mind thinking a little as they watch TV.

The first episode opens with a house exploding killing a woman inside, David's friend is a suspect and he pitches in to help clear him. When his friend and the friend's business partner find thier homes have been emptied of all possesions the case takes a different slant. Cleveland follows the case to Germany to track down the people behind the killing and the theft.

In Blood Sport the case is a not so simple horse thrft. The insurance company is ready to pay out, but the owner thinks the horse is still alive and wants him back. Enter David Clevland on a trip to the Canadian Rockies to track down the thieves.

Twice Shy opens with a murdr of a computer wiz who is killed rock climbing. Things start to get muddled as Clveland discovers the real motive for the killing.

Ian McShane is great in this role, and fans of his work as Lovejoy will really love it. And at almost 5 hours, this is a lot of viewing for the buck. Filled with twists and surprises this si a set for any fan of British mysteries.

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