Jul 19, 2006

Dear DVD packaging person

Why oh why, for the love of God WHY do you put so much sticky plastic around my discs?
One sticker across the top with the name makes sense. Why do you need the estra two that say "Security Device enclosed"? It already has a wrapper all the way around it. Nobody is going to unwrap the whole thing and steal just the disc, they'll find a way to take the whole package, so it's not a theft deterent. It's just annoying.

And then to piss me off more, the stickers have little grooves cut in them so it won't tear off in one piece. It's mean and spiteful. Don't you love us? Think about how much money you make form all the discs we buy. Do we not make you happy?

So Please, stop with all the damn extra stickers on my Dvds.


Anonymous said...

What I hate are the cases with the little clasps on the side. I go through all the hassle of taking off the tape only to find I still can't open the case. Then I have to go digging at those stupid clasps to get them open.

Gerald So said...

I don't like fold-out DVD holders--who has room on the desk?--especially those that make you take out Disc 1 before you can take out Disc 2, and so on.

Everyone should use the slim plastic keep cases that hold two discs side-by-side, so you can open them and take out either disc,

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

I do love the slim line cases. Battlestar Gallactica, Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, all very user friendly. As my collection grows I find I want thinner sets, I need the room.

And I have to sat I do like the little booklets. Especially with a tv series.