May 3, 2006


Denis Leary did one of my all time favorite cop shows a few years back. The Job was funny,smart and sure seemed to be full of real people, not actors doing a role. I've watched the DVD set at least three times and will watch it even more. I love the rapid dialogue and banter and I love Leary in the role of a veteran cop on the job for more than a few years. It's smart television for smart people with a sense of humor.

Rescue Me is his latest project and is aired on FX. Season one and two are both out on DVD. In Rescue Me Leary takes the team from The Job and moves them from the NYPD to the NYFD. Leary plays Tommy Gavin, a firefightere dealing with the aftermath of 9/11 which haunts him in the form of his cousin's ghost. He is also working his way through being seperated from his wife pending a divorce. His only real constant is his fellow firefighters.

Given the fact that Leary has relatives who are firefighters and that he founded an organization to help fire departments buy needed equipment it's not surprising that his latest show is about firefighters.

The show isn't Backdraft for TV, they aren't loading it with special effects or overly dramatic scenes. What they are doing is telling the story of a bunch of people who happen to be firemen as true to life as they can. The ending of each episode isn't always happy, and they don't shy away from things like talking about 9/11 or the stress of the job.It's not politically correct, but either is real life. The relationship between the men on the show and the woman isn't all sunshine and roses either, but it feels very real. After viewing this I came to understand that the title Rescue Me could very well be what the main character, Tommy Gavin (played by Leary) is asking. He seems to be looking foe something to pull him away from the memories of lost comrades and failed rescue victims.

What makes it all work is the mixture of drama and comedy and a great cast. The cast work together brilliantly and Charles Durning was amazing as Leary's father on the show. Andrea Roth does a super job as Leary's soon to be ex wife. Also the actor playing his cousin the priest does a great job.I also think the casting of the firefighters was terrific. These actors really come across like people who have worked together for years.

This could be one of my all time favorite shows, and is something that bears multiple viewings.

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Anonymous said...

I love Denis Leary and I especially love Rescue Me. It deserves way more attention than it has been getting, and hopefully the DVDs will help with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm another fan of Leary's. I've been using Netflix to fill in the gaps from the first season. I never seemed to remember that it was on so I missed a lot of episodes. He does this sort of character so well.